Frequently Asked Questions

What’s organic farming ?

Organic farming is an environment friendly agricultural practice, a method of crop and livestock production whereby no chemical fertilisers, no pestiicides, no herbicides, no genetically modified organisms, for instance, are used.

Are you sure you practise organic farming at Green Land Haven of Peace Farming,Wum ?

Yes, for sure. We have never used any form of chemical products in the farm since it was launched in 2007. We are mobilising some funds to obtain a ‘Certified Organic’ label.

Do you think organic farming can feed the world population ?

Definitely yes. To achieve that, political will couple with effective support to Effective Microorganisms (EMs), biofertilizers, and biopesticides producers are key metrics. Small farmers as well as industrial farmers shall have access to these biofertilisers and biopesticides…and save the world.

What are some of the advantages of organic farming ?

In a nutshell,
1. Organic farming leads to optimal condition in the soil for high yields and good quality crops.
2. Organically grown crop are believed to provide more healthy and quality food for man and animals than those grown with chemical fertilizers that cause some non communicable diseases.
3. Organic farming helps to avoid chain reaction in the environment for chemical spray and dusts.
4. Organic farming helps to prevent environment degradation and can be used to regenerate degraded areas.
5. Since the basic aim is diversification of crops, much more secure income can be obtained than when farmers reply on only one crop.

Consequently, the environment is protected as well as the farmers’ and consumers’

Where do you get Effective Microorganisms (EMs), biofertilizers, and biopesticides ?

EMCameroon located in Bamenda is our supplier of EMs. It is worth mentioning here that the pioneer of EM technology is Prof. Teruo Higa (Japanese) who succeeded in blending microorganisms that are beneficial to crops and animals and are people friendly and environmentally safe.

As for (other) biofertilizers and biopesticides, we get them from Prof. NWAGA Dieudonné’s AGRIBIOCAM (Agriculture Biologique Cameroon- Common Iniative Group). Prof. NWAGA heads the Biotechnology Laboratory of the University of Yaounde I. We intend to market these products to other farmers in Wum, and in other villages in Menchum